About Ме


There are many different ways of traveling. My favorite is the one, which gives me the opportunity to meet other human beings. I like them and in most of the cases, they like me, too. I often choose the accommodation and transportation in a way that I get to communicate with other people. This is the reason why all of my trips are usually related to trains, buses or hitchhiking. Well, that, and the fact I don’t have a car :). So, if you are looking how to travel in Bulgaria without a private car, you are at the right place because I am a professional.

My Story

Bulgaria is a small country but has so many places to see. Most of the weekends for the past five years I have been away from the city to some of the destinations you will find on my blog. All of my journeys start in Sofia where I work in the corporate world. This is the reason most of the trips are one or two days only. I, however, give guidelines how to combine them and make your journey amazing around Bulgaria. I try to travel abroad as well. You can find some of my journeys here or links to another website where I have them published.

My blog

The name of my blog was an idea of one very special man. Pronunciation of “best trip ever” sounds exactly as my name “best trip Eva” (the British one – check here). I believe that everybody can travel, and, whether it is going to be cheap or expensive, is only a matter of choice. My travels are usually low budget and on my blog, you can find ideas how to travel without spending thousands and still have tonnes of fun :). Enjoy.