Borov kamak waterfall and eco-trail

A perfect one day trip from Sofia is a waterfall and eco-trail called “Borov kamak”. It’s located close to Vratsa. The journey starts early in the morning and a train from Sofia to Vratsa. Note the name of the town is written ‘’Vraca” in the railway’s official website. The train at 7:20 is perfect as you will arrive early enough in Vratsa to have the whole day for adventures. The next destination you need to reach is a town called Zgorigrad, the trail starts at the end of it. There are buses going to Zgorigrad, but you can as well go to the exit of the city and try to hitchhike as it is only 7 km away. This is what I and my fellow traveler did. A nice girl picked us up and she even drove us to the beginning of the trail which is a little bit outside of the town. Borov kamakTo get to the waterfall you need about two and a half hours. There are a lot of small waterfalls you get to see before reaching the last one and they can be quite impressive if you go at the time of the year where there is a lot of water (spring and autumn). The trail itself is also quite nice as you will be walking and wooden bridges and stairs. At some points, it gets pretty steep. The main waterfall is 63 meters high and the main attraction of the trail is that you need to go below it. Borov kamakAlthough it is a refreshing experience to get under it during the summer months, I wouldn’t recommend you to do it when it is cold. Or have the proper equipment to go under it – waterproofed jacket, pants, and shoes. An umbrella could also do the job and it’s going to look amazingly good on the pictures :). I went under the waterfall thinking that I am super-fast, it turned out I am not. I was freezing for an hour because I was really wet and there was not so much of sun, so think before you do something stupid. The trails continue to the point where the waterfall starts. This is the point where you can go back or continue to a hut nearby. We came back the same way down. It took us another hour or so to reach the place where we started. We walked to the town and hitchhiked to Vratsa. There are plenty of trains in the afternoon so you can easily go back to Sofia the same day.Borov kamak One of the most popular caves in Bulgaria is also in the area – “Ledenika”. If you like caves make sure you check it out. Other points of interest close by are Prohodna cave and Zlatna panega eco-trail. Check how to get there here. They can be done in one day as well so you can sleep one night in the area. There is a train in the afternoon from Vratsa going to Karlukovo (where the cave is), so you can combine the waterfall and the cave. You can sleep in the hut close to the cave. Or you can explore it for about an hour and rush for the last train to Sofia from Karlukovo. If you have a car, you can definitely do all of the things in one day. If you don’t want to rush through the places, just take your time and enjoy the surroundings. Have a nice trip. Enjoy Bulgaria.

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