Trekking Malyovitsa in Rila Mountain

Malyovitsa is a peak in Rila Mountain. It is 2,729 m high and it is very popular trekking destination. People love it because it’s relatively short trek and at the same time provides you with amazing views. I went there in the end of August and you will find the story of that trip below + some tips and information how to organize your own adventure. You will see some pictures with a snow. They were made on my previous trek in the end of December last year. It is very important to mention that trekking in Malyovitsa area during winter time means exposure to a very dangerous avalanche terrain. Check the conditions, ask the people in the hut, follow their advice, and if they say – don’t go.

Respect the mountain and it will respect you back.  I was traveling by the car of my friends there and back and we made one day trip. If you need to use other types of transportation consider two days trip and sleeping in the hut there. From Sofia, you can take a bus to Samokov. There you can take another bus to the starting point of the trek (it runs only two times per day early in the morning and in the afternoon) or hitchhike. Go to the exit of the city in the direction of the village Govedartsi. During the weekends a lot of people will be going in that direction, so you will be soon picked up by some other mountaineers.  If you need to sleep in the hut and it is not during weekdays – call to make a reservation.

Here you can find the last updated phone number (search for word “Телефон”). You will probably be able to reserve it in English, but if not possible, just stop somebody on the street and ask them to do it for you. People will be happy to help you.

The trek starts from the Central Mountain School „Malyovitsa“. To get to the peak you need about 3 hours. The first hour you will be walking on relatively flat terrain. The next 2 hours or less, depending on your speed, you will be climbing on steeper terrain. However, your efforts will be rewarded with a view of the beautiful lake “Elenino”. The last steep part starts from there and soon you will reach the top of your trail. Enjoy the beautiful view of Rila monastery and continue the climbing on the edge on your right. Another 15 minutes and you will reach the peak. Spend some time there and enjoy the view around you. Add another 3 hours walking down to the parking in your plan. Don’t forget to put some time in your schedule to have a bean soup in the hut on the way down. Treat yourself one cheap beer. You deserve it. Malyovitsa is beautiful in all of the seasons, so I can not really recommend you when to go, but whatever day you choose I think you won’t be disappointed. Cheers.





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